Morpheus Background, Links and answering the "Why?"

What is Lumerin Protocol and the proxy-router's role in helping to solve this problem?

  • In the Yellowstone compute model paper, the author describes the "Router" as a software application that has MOR address and negotiates the 2-sided market between Users and Providers.

  • The Morpheus Router is highly parallel to the function the Lumerin Protocol Proxy Router provides in the Hashpower marketplace which brokers a 2-sided marketplace between Hashpower Sellers and Hashpower Buyers

  • There is a natural fit for the Lumerin based Smart Contract marketplace, and secure-tcp routing of data between providers, validators and users.

What problem is Morpheus trying to solve?

  • Morpheus WhitePaper - intent and overview

    • Key items from the FAQ:

      1. Access to AI has become fundamental to modern life.

      2. Large centralized companies currently gatekeep access to AI, they actively restrict access & use censorship.

      3. Having a personal AI that is open source, decentralized, and permissionless fixes this.

      4. Morpheus provides users a decentralized, permissionless, personal AI.

      5. Decentralized, permissionless financial rails is also required for true AI freedom.

      6. Morpheus uses crypto-based financial rails to reward AI & Smart Agent providers.

      7. Follow the white rabbit. Free your mind.

  • Morpheus YellowPaper - technical details of the Full Node

  • Morpheus "Yellowstone" Compute model - proposed updated tokenomics structure for compute incentivization

    • Key Components:

      • Users

      • Providers

      • Router

      • Contract

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