👓Conceptual Architecture

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Design Principles

Core Concepts

  1. No SPOF (single points of failure)

    • No centralized servers

    • No centralized data stores

    • No centralized routers or relays

  2. Single software solution / code base

    • Provider Node = User Node

    • Any user can be a provider

    • Any provider can be a user

  3. Minimal on-chain transactions

    • Reads are cheap

    • Writes are very expensive

  4. Agnostic as possible

    • Multiple Blockchains (EVM)

    • Model type agnostic

Privacy & Security

  1. Prompt / Inference

    • Prompts & inference are as private as possible.

    • No prompt or inference data is written to the blockchain.

  2. Node Locations

    • Providers will need to register their IP or Url on chain.

    • Users nodes will only be visible to providers during sessions

    • Proxy, load balancer, VPN, or other obfuscation method recommended

Design Pattern

Data Routing Pattern

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